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What should I expect the first time I bring in my friend?
We will get your friend settled into his own private room and outdoor run with a cozy bed and water. Then we will ask you a few questions about who your vet is, how to reach you, when you are returning and of course any other information we need to know about your friend while you are away.

Do I need to have any special vet care before we come in for boarding?
It is necessary that all animals are current on their rabies, distemper and parvo vaccines. It is also required that all dogs have a current kennel cough vaccine. These vaccines are required of all animals and will help to keep your friends happy and healthy during their stay with us.

What about food, toys, treats, or bedding?
We provide high quality food and treats for all of our visitors. But it is always nice for them to stay on the same food they are accustomed to, especially when they are away from home. So if you wish, feel free to bring your own food. We provide cozy bedding but you can also bring your friend's favorite toy or an old shirt with your scent on it to give them comfort while you are away.

My friend is on medication. Is that a problem?
We have over thirty years of experience with companion animals as well as experience as a licensed vet technician. There is no extra charge for giving medications. Please be sure to provide plenty of medication for the entire stay as well as complete medical and vet information.

What time can I drop off and pick up?
Since the owner lives on site, we are flexible. Our hours are 9-4 each day. Be sure to discuss details when you book your reservations.


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