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The cost to board a dog is $17 per dog per night (plus tax). If you have more than one dog and they are able to share the same room, the cost is $27 for two dogs in one room per night (plus tax).

For cats we charge $13 per cat per night (plus tax). Cats receive a room of their own and are not kept in cages. If you are interested in having someone come into your home to care for your cat(s), Watch Your Kitty, LLC can help you with this option.

There are no extra charges or hidden fees for boarding.

We have a total of 16 rooms at the Kennel. Your friend will not get lost in the crowd. Our rooms are large and spacious both inside and out. Four of the rooms are approximately 6' x 8'. Two of these rooms have twin size beds for the dog who is accustomed to sleeping in bed! The outside areas for three of these rooms are approximately 15' x 15', the fourth being 15' x 40'. The remaining rooms average 5' x 7' inside and have 6' x 15' outside areas. There is a secondary set of fencing around the entire Kennel property so that no one can escape during their stay with us. To see more photos, click here.

Our rates for grooming vary depending on the size of the dog. Please call for details.


Belhaven Kennels
Boarding and Grooming
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